Derek Nicholson as both builder and client has been involved with numerous projects that have received the recognition of local and international awards and publications. These distinctions are a result of Derek’s dedication to excellent design, management and construction, and to the high caliber of the architects and designers with whom he collaborates. Awards include four Governor General’s Medals – the greatest honour for architecture in Canada.


2017 Builder’s Choice & Custom Home Design Award Winner for best Renovation – York Valley House, Superkül

2016 Canadian Green Building Award National Winner- Grange Residence, Williamson Chong Architects

2015 OAA Design Excellence Finalist- Port Hope Residence, Teeple Architects

2015 OAA Award of Excellence Finalist- Grange Residence, Williamson Chong Architects

2014 Canadian Architects Awards- Fox Lake Residence, Williamson Chong Architects

2014 Interior Design Best of Year Awards- Pilot Coffee Roasters, Williamson Chong Architects

2014 Residential Architect Design Awards- Howland Residence, Williamson Chong Architects

2014 Residential Architect Design Awards- Blantyre Residence, Williamson Chong Architects

2010 Governor General’s Award – Craven Road Studio, Shim Sutcliffe Architects

2007 City of Toronto Urban Design Award – Galley Residence, Williamson Chong Architects

2007 Design Exchange Award – Galley Residence, Williamson Chong Architects

2006 Wood Design Award of Honor – Craven Road Studio, Shim Sutcliffe Architects

2004 Governor Generals Award – Weathering Steel House, Shim Sutcliffe Architects

1999 Governor Generals Award – Ledbury Park – Shim Sutcliffe Architects and G+G Partnership

1998 International Design Award, Environments, Best of Category – Ledbury Park – Shim Sutcliffe Architects and G+G Partnership

1997 City of North York Urban Design Award of Merit – Glen Long Community Centre – Stephen Teeple Architect

1996 City of North York Urban Design Award of Merit – Stanley Park Community Centre – Natale Scott Browne Architects

1996 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence – Ledbury Park – Shim Sutcliffe Architects and G+G Partnership

1994 Governor Generals Award – Emery Yard Maintenance Building – Julian Jacobs Architects

1994 City of North York Urban Design Award of Merit – Barbara Frum Library and Community Centre – Phillip Carter Architect

1994 City of North York Urban Design Award Emery Yard Maintenance Building – Julian Jacobs Architects

1994 City of North York Urban Design Award – Hendon Park – NAK Design

1989 Internationaler Argeitskreis Sport Silver Award for Exemplary Sport and Leisure Facility, Republic of Germany – Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre – Moffat Kinoshita Architects

1988 Ontario Association of Architects Award of Excellence – Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre – Moffat Kinoshita Architects

1987 International Facility Management Association Award


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Massey College Chapel designated Canada’s third Chapel Royal

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